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2022 AsiA Humanities Heritages Class
Ottchil, The Coated Splendors of Asian Lacquerware

AsIA Humanities Heritages Class

The “AsIA Humanities Heritages Class” is a program designed to spread knowledge of the humanities heritages of Asia among a wide general audience.
Following the first series of lectures last year, this year’s lectures were also broadcast live online on the National Museum of Korea’s YouTube channel.
The lectures were designed as an extension of the special exhibition Ottchil, the Coated Splendor of Asian Lacquerwares, which opened in December last year in the Special Exhibition Gallery of the NMK. They introduce the beauty and development of lacquer crafts using natural paint and lacquer in all parts of Asia. The six lectures are based on different themes:
Ottchil, the Coated Splendor of Asian Lacquerwares,” “Korean Lacquerware Inlaid with Mother-of-pearl,” “Modern Korean Lacquerware,” “Diversity of Asian Lacquerware,” “East Asian Lacquerware of Europe," and “Sculptural Beauty, Chinese carved Lacquerware.”
Summaries of each lecture can be viewed on the NMK’s YouTube channel. The lectures offer a broad understanding of lacquer craft, which has developed in various part of Asia over thousands of years.