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“Pyeongsaengdo: Paintings of an Ideal Life in Joseon”
Digital Restoration Contents Revealed

“Pyeongsaengdo: Paintings of an Ideal Life in Joseon” is the title digital restoration contents regarding the eightpanel folding screen Life Course Painting (Pyeongsaengdo). The folding screen features eight paintings of an ideal life that convey the message of reflection on the meaning and value of life. The digital restoration contents web page contains information on Life Course Painting, materials comparing the folding screen before and after digital restoration, and related academic information.
Through this restoration project, parts of the paintings that had fallen away were digitally filled in again and parts that were stained or discolored were restored to their original state. The National Museum of Korea has been focusing attention on digital restoration, which can be repeated over and over depending on research results or perspectives at the time of restoration. Viewers can virtually participate in the process through the web page and confirm the effects at once. The web page can be found on the “Exhibits online” section of the NMK website, with information provided in both Korean and English. The same contents can also be seen on Korean Culture and Information Service’s “Korea Contents Week” and the websites of seven Korean Cultural Center in seven countries with information in the respective languages.