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    Ottchil, the Coated Splendor of Asian Lacquerwares

A carefully curated selection of souvenirs for the National Museum of Korea’s special exhibition Ottchil, the coated Splendor of Asian Lacquerwares (2021.12.21-2022.3.20). The listed items are available online at the Museum store and more lacquarewares are available throughout and after the exhibition at the special exhibition gift shop.

Wireless Charging Lacquered Tray (2 types)

Size 133x133x85cm
Material natural mother-of-pearl, ABS etc.
Composition wireless charging lacquer tray, charging cable, manual, case
Price KRW 67,000
Wireless charging lacquered tray boasts a mix of Korea traditional design and cutting-edge technology. In the shape of a traditional low table, this handcraft presents auspicious symbols made in natural mother-of-pearl.

Mother-of-Pearl Scarf

Size 70x130mm
Material 100% silk
Price KRW 45,000
Silk scarf takes motifs from Box with Ten Symbols of Longevity Design Lacqueware with Mother-of-Pearl Inlay and floral patterns found in Korean lacquerwares. Its beauty resembles splendor of lacquerwares and boasts shiny and smooth texture.

Mother-of-Pearl Ball Marker Set

Size (Ball Marker) diameter 32mm, thickness 2mm / (Clip) width 36mm, height 20mm
Material steel, mother-of-pearl
Price KRW 24,000
A golf ball marker is made of a round metal chip crafted with a traditional lacquerware technique. With magnets embedded, it can also be used as an accessory. A set of two comes in a luxurious case and makes an ideal gift for anyone.

Circle Coaster

Size 100x100x3mm
Material MDF, mother-of-pearl
Price KRW 18,000 (each)
A 10cm round ivory coaster/ cover with auspicious animals inlaid in traditional lacquerware technique. Dazzling mother-of-pearl decorated on a pastel toned coaster boasting classic beauty with a touch of modern taste, making it a meaningful gift.

Metal Badge (Mother-of-Pearl Vessel with Lid, Peony pot)

Size 28x23mm I
Material metal
Price KRW 9,000 (each)
Left) Gold plated badge in the shape and pattern of Trefoil-shaped covered box with decoration of chrysanthemum
Right) Gold plated badge in the shape and pattern of Jochil Peony Pattern P

Mother-of-Pearl Smart Tok

Size 70x50mm
Material PP
Price KRW 19,000
Tapping on the exquisite designs from the Trefoil-shaped covered box with decoration of chrysanthemum, chrysanthemums are represented in pastel colored natural mother-of-pearl and refined with resin to add a glassy texture, providing a modern interpretation of the relic’s graceful elegance.