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    Roaring Tiger
    Mementos of the Imin Year

Since ancient times, tigers have been regarded as a symbol of protection and have been painted in sehwa, New Year’s paintings to repel bad energy and evil spirits. In celebration of the Year of the Tiger the museum has prepared the most “pawfect” products.

<Tiger Art> Art Print (3 types)

Size (Moonlit Tiger) 335x168cm, (Tiger and Magpies- 01,02) 195x335cm
Material art print paper
Price KRW 1,5000 (each)
To commemorate the exhibition Tiger Art I, the National Museum of Korea created a limited edition of art prints. It can be hung on the wall and also stand on its own as a frame, making it the most ideal gift.

Museum Calendar 2022

Size 260x210x80cm I
Material Paper
Composition 1 calendar, case I
Price KRW 15,000
This calendar highlights 12 paintings from the National Museum of Korea collections. All the works of art featured include traditionally auspicious animals and plants painted in sehwa such as tiger, dog and rooster.

<Tigers in East Asian Art: Korea, Japan, China> Tote Bag

Size 330x350cm
Material 100% cotton
Price KRW 25,000
This tote bag is the second souvenir of the exhibition Tigers in East Asian Art: Korea, Japan, China featuring modernized tigers from Korean paintings.

Tiger Metal Business Card Case

Size 93x60cm
Material stainless steel, brass, nickel, epoxy
Price KRW 20,000
Metal business card case illustrates Painting of a Ferocious Tiger (Joseon Dynasty, 18th Century, artist unknown) and a subtle touch of brass adding luxury.

Tiger Nacre Business Card Case

Size 94x58x6cm
Material stainless steel, mother-of-pearl
Price KRW 30,000
Made with traditional laquerware technique, small business card case features a shiny mother-ofpearl inlaid tiger on a black matt background, giving it a modern touch.