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Outside the Museum Walls Immersive Cultural Heritage Experience

Every Saturday afternoon starting on May 21st, the immersive cultural heritage contents produced by the National Museum of Korea will be projected on a media façade at the Iconic Zone, which is located on the 10th floor of Shinsegae Department Store in the Jung-gu of Seoul. The movie reconstructs the seven key immersive contents created by the NMK with a focus on idealism. It includes two films streamed at the Chuncheon National Museum’s immersive digital café Hyu such as Five Hundred Arhats of Changnyeongsa Temple Site: Reflection of Our Hearts, and five immersive films screened at the NMK’s Immersive Digital Gallery including Royal Procession with the People which illustrates King Jeongjo’s visit to Hwaseong and Climbing Mt.Guemgangsan which features real-scenery landscape paintings by prominent painters from the late Joseon Dynasty. The K-Culture Day is organized by the National Museum of Korea and Shinsegae DF to celebrate Shinsegae DF’s 6th anniversary and will begin on Wednesday, May 18 at 3pm in Shinsegae Duty Free.