• Museum Gifts

    A Collector’s Invitation
    Gifts and memorabilia of the special exhibition to commemorate the first anniversary of Lee Kun-Hee’s donation

The National Museum of Korea presents gifts and memorabilia to accompany the special exhibition ‘A Collector’s Invitation – The First Anniversary of Lee Kun-hee’s Bequest’ (April 28 – August 28, 2022). The listed items are available online at the Museum store and a variety of themed gifts are available throughout and after the exhibition at the special exhibition gift shop.

Ten Longevity Symbols Name Tag

Size 65x105x5mm
Material Polybutadiene, steel, magnet, etc.
Price KRW 8,500
Inspired by ‘Ten-panel Folding Screen with the Ten Longevity Symbols’, the name tag features detailed line illustrations in bright colors. The name tags are made of PVC and are available in pink and blue.

TeTen Longevity Symbols Incense Stick

Size 32x27x155mm
Composition approx. 50 incense sticks in a box
Price KRW 22,000
Designed by an appointed agency, the incense sticks showcase a modern reinterpretation of ‘Tenpaneled Folding Screen with the Ten Longevity Symbols’. The incense stick gives a relaxing break while enjoying the painting of ten longevity symbols. It is made of non-allergenic ingredients including aloeswood, sandalwood and slippery elm and is suitable for anyone looking for a relaxing fragrance in their life. One box contains about 50 sticks and each stick lasts for roughly 20 minutes.

Ten Longevity Symbols Mini Suitcase

Size 340x290x180mm
Composition Polypropylene, polyester
Price KRW 29,000
The trendy mini suitcase boasts colorful line illustrations depicting ‘Ten-paneled Folding Screen with the Ten Longevity Symbols’. It is specially developed and designed for the exhibition and only limited suitcases are available.

Ten Longevity Symbols Golf Ball Marker Set

Size Golf ball - 42mmx42x42, Ball Marker- 30x30x2.5, Clip -30x36x1
Material Polybutadiene, steel, magnet, etc.
Composition 4 golf balls, 1 marker and 1 clip in a box
Price KRW 30,000
The golf ball marker set illustrates a whimsical interpretation of ‘Ten-panel Folding Screen with the Ten Longevity Symbols’. One set consists of 4 golf balls, a ball marker and a clip in response to the growing popularity of golf among the young generation. Golf balls feature longevity symbols such as deer, crane, pine tree, mountain, cloud and the sun while ball markers carry the images of deer, turtle, crane, mountain, cloud and the sun.

Ten Longevity Symbols Portable Camping Chair

Size 480x480x800mm
Material Poly Oxford fabric, steel
Price KRW 35,000
Taking a motif from ‘Ten-panel Folding Screen with the Ten Longevity Symbols’, the portable folding chair presents stylish line illustrations. The chair can hold up to 58 to 100kg and the steel skeleton is 16mm thick. This sturdy, handy and easy-to-use chair comes with arm rests with a single cup holder as well as a zipped chair bag.

Bamboo Fan (Hapjukseon)

Size (folded) 42 width x 300 height x 18mm depth
Material fan: bamboo, Korean paper / case: paper Composition Bamboo Fan, knot, holder, pouch, manual
Price KRW 200,000
In collaboration with Jeonbuk Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 10 master Park Gyeho, this limited edition Bamboo Fan is hand-made by an intangible cultural heritage craftsman. The fan illustrates the image of Inwang Jesaekdo and makes it a perfect memorabilia from the exhibition. After 108 times of repeated manual work and the use of a special technique using bamboo and pyrography pen, the painting appears intricate and detailed. The folding fan known as Hapjukseon is made of the Korean traditional paper featuring the splendor of Clearing After Rain on Mt. Inwang.