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    Add a touch of Aztec style to your home
    <Aztecs> Exclusive Merchandise

The National Museum of Korea offers 8 exclusive merchandise items in 5 categories to commemorate the special exhibition <Aztecs>. From ‘Make your own Aztec Headdress’, a fun family activity kit to enjoy during the family month and the summer school holiday to items that will lighten up the look of your own home for summer months and vacation vibes such as glasses, coasters, magnetic bottle openers and fabric mats, bring home a memorabilia of your experience at the exhibition. The items are available online at the Museum store and a variety of themed gifts are available throughout and after the exhibition at the special exhibition gift shop.

Headband Craft Kit

Size (total) 690×240mm
Material Paper
Price KRW 2,500
The Aztec Headdress kit is inspired by the Xilonen, the Goddess of Corn (Museo Nacional de Antropologia) who symbolizes newly germinated corn seedlings. The pre-cut sheet makes it easy to craft for anyone without any tools such as scissors and glue. With a head circumference reaching a range of 510 -590mm, it is suitable for all age groups. (Read the instruction on the back) *When you make a Goddess of Corn headdress and corn with kids, talk about the importance of corn in the Aztec civilization. It will help enhance the exhibition experience and create a lasting memory of the Aztecs.

Coasters (Green/Pink)

Size 11.5 x 11.5㎝
Material Felt Paper
Price KRW 12,000 (each)
The felt coaster boasts Aztecs patterns as seen in ‘geometric stamps (The Dutch: Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen)’, ‘incense burners (Museo Nacional de Antropologia)’. Decorated with tassels, the coasters add style to your everyday life and can serve as a both coaster and place mat.

Magnetic Opener (Tlaloc)

Size (Tlaloc) 77x80x9mm, (God of American Corn) 63x100x9mm
Material PVC, metal, magnet
Price KRW 9,000 (each)
The magnetic bottle opener re-interprets the images of ‘Jar representing the rain god Tláloc (Templo Mayor Museum)’ and ‘Xilonen, the Goddess of Corn (Museo Nacional de Antropologia)’ with a modern tweak. Its soft yet solid material makes the grip firm and comfortable and the magnet on the bottom makes it a lovely decoration magnet.

Cups (Green/Pink)

Size Diameter 6.5cm x Height 13cm (473ml)
Material Glass
Price KRW 19,000 (each)
The glasses borrows motifs from the Aztecs sacred patterns and key exhibition objects including ‘Aztec woman (The Dutch: Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen)’ and ‘Coyote or a young wolf (Museo Nacional de Antropologia)’.