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Artificial Intelligence Technology for Museums Today
<Coexistence and Sustenance: An Intelligent Curation Platform> Forum

The forum <Coexistence and Sustenance: An Intelligent Curation Platform – Cultural Heritage, AI, Data and Platform> was held at the Hwabaek International Convention Center in Gyeongju to share the joint R&D project outcomes by the National Museum of Korea and the National AI Research Institute. Since 2022 the two institutions have been researching the use of Artificial Intelligence in museums and developing an intelligent curation platform that allows for an increase in quality and utilization of the museum data as well as management of new types of data for various purposes and uses. The forum discussed the ‘values and achievements of joint research on museum and cultural technology’ at length which covered the process and significance of collaborative research between museums and cutting-edge technology. It also presented an intelligent curation platform for managing and using new data. The video recording of the forum will be available on the museum’s YouTube channel from Thursday, September 29.