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Making Exhibitions Accessible for People with Special Needs and Museum Invites Art Exhibition for Everyone
“A Collector’s Invitation”

The National Museum of Korea invited people with hearing and visual impairments to the special exhibition titled A Collector’s Invitation The First Anniversary of Lee Kun-hee’s Bequest and hosted 50 people with vision impairment on Thursday, August 11, in cooperation with the Korea Blind Union.
The visually impaired visitors explored the exhibition using a ‘Tactile Map of the Exhibition Hall’, an ‘Audio Guide for Visually Impaired Visitors’ which is available in the exhibition guide app and gives detailed explanations of the displays and seven other ‘Tactile Exhibits’ including ‘The Water Lily Pond’ by Claude Monet.
In collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, 60 students from the Seoul National School for the Deaf were welcomed to the museum on Thursday, August 25, and were given a guided tour in sign language. The NMK aims to improve accessibility for guests with special needs based on visitors’ feedback.

Exhibition resources and audio guide for blind and visually impaired visitors Placed at the entrance, the ‘Tactile Map’ provides a structural flow of the exhibition’s space. ‘Tactile Exhibits’ which have been designed to be touched to appreciate texture, patterns, and designs, are located in the two exhibition halls. The ‘Audio Guide for Visually Impaired Visitors’ offers 15 descriptions and is available on the NMK Exhibition Guide app. It provides detailed information on the exhibits as well as directions to ensure easier navigation for users.