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    The green hue of nature The best under heaven,
    the celadons of Korea
    Mementos of Goryeo Celadon

Goryeo Celadon has long been highly appreciated for its elegant beauty and mystic color and its subtle and refined shade of blue-green still mesmerizes people today. In summer of 2022, the National Museum of Korea offers a variety of gifts and home decors that features the timeless beauty of celadon with a modern twist.

Celadon Magnet (Prunus Vase/Melon-shaped Bottle)

Price KRW 15,000
Taking motifs from ‘Celadon Prunus Vase with Inlaid Plum, Bamboo and Crane Design’ and ‘Celadon Melonshaped Bottle with Inlaid Peony and Chrysanthemum Design’ of the Goryeo era, the magnet represents the modern reinterpretation of the celadons. It features graceful shapes and soothing colors and a magnet on the back allows easy hanging for interior decor. Use it as a vase by adding flowers and water, or fill it with scented diffuser oil.

Lotus Flower Pattern Keychain

Price KRW 11,000원
The keychain features a design from 'Roof-end Tile with Lotus Design'. It is embellished with coral and a variety of gemstones that were traditionally used to adorn jewelry as well as colorful tassels that symbolizes good fortune.

Acrylic Keychain (Celadon Green)

Price KRW 13,000
The keychain incorporates a motif from ‘Roof-end Tile with Lotus Design’ and presents celadoninspired characteristics, shapes and colors. It is made of transparent acrylic material that allows light through and is hand-dyed in classic celadon hues.

Ceramic Coaster (4 types)

Price KRW 6,000
Inspired by the magnificent colors and designs of both Goryeo celadon and Joseon white porcelain, the ceramic coaster is decorated with a modern rendition. Patterns are borrowed from ‘Celadon Gourd-shaped Ewer with Inlaid Peony and Scroll design’ and ‘Celadon Porcelain Cup on Horse’ used by soldiers on horseback or at banquets and ancestral rites.

A Set of Celadon Dessert Plates (Plum Blossom/Peony)

Price KRW 35,000
The beauty and gentle hue of celadon meets the modern touch. A set of celadon dessert plates are suitable for banchan (small side dishes) or can be used as trinket plates. The set comes in a paulownia wooden box with the National Museum of Korea logo engraved on it and makes it a great gift.

Goryeo Celandon

Price KRW 18,000(Earbuds Case)
KRW 19,000(Phone Case)
KRW 12,000(PopSocket) *Cloud and Crane/Chrysanthemum
Bring them with you wherever you go. Goryeo Celadon phone accessories carry ‘cranes’ and ‘clouds’, the auspicious symbols of longevity.