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선선한 바람결이 옷깃에 스며들며 가을의 시작을 알리는 요즘, 국립중앙박물관 상품관과 온라인 뮤지엄숍에서는 가을 상품기획전 ‘뮷즈로 꾸며보는 풍성한 가을 테이블’을 10월까지 진행한다. 고풍스러운 정취를 담은 박물관 상품으로 가을 분위기 가득한 감성적인 홈테리어를 완성해보는 것은 어떨까.

Disae Vase (S/L)

Material brass, aluminumglass cylinder vase with titanium
Price (S) KRW 70,000 (L) KRW 80,000
The vase features a curved motif from Korean traditional roof tiles with a modern reinterpretation. The material creates a balance and symmetry and the elegant gold color brings a touch of luxury to your everyday life. The multi-functional vase is perfect for storing, organizing, decorating and many other uses.

Wireless Charging Lacquered Tray (2 types)

Size 133x133x85mm
Material natural mother-of-pearl, ABS, etc.
Composition wireless charging lacquered tray, charging cable (Type C), manual, a box (USB power adapter is not included)
Price KRW 67,000 each
The wireless charging lacquered tray boasts a mix of Korean traditional design and cutting-edge technology. The handcrafted charging tray is adorned with a motif inspired by the low table of Joseon Dynasty and there are two types available.

Disae Tray (4 types)

Material brass, aluminum
Price KRW 75,000-85,000
The tray features a curved motif from Korean traditional roof tiles with a modern reinterpretation. The tray can be used on your desk, on a table or in your living room to keep things organized and tidy.

The Heavenly Maid Set of Spoons, Chopsticks and Rests for Two

Material brassware (copper 78%, tin 22%)
Composition 2 set of spoons and chopsticks, 2 utensil rests, a box
Price KRW 100,000
A set of spoons and chopstick s engraved with an illustration of the Heavenly Maid from the Sacred Bell of Great King Seongdeok as well as utensil rests made with the motif of convex antefix excavated from Hoeamsaji in Yangju City. The Heavenly Maid pattern on the rest symbolizes a strong yearning for an easy passage into eternity, adding style to your dining table.

Green-glazed Rafter Coaster (khaki)

Material outer(linen/rayon), inner(cotton/taklon)
Price KRW 5,000
The beauty of green-glazed rafter roof tiles is brought to life in the coaster’s embroidery stiches. The linen fabric provides a natural and traditional feel. The Korean traditional knot and extra inner layer will add sophistication and luxury to any tea table.

A Set of Inlaid Celadon Bottle and Cups

Size (wine bottle) 70 x 70 x 145mm, (cup) 60 x 60 x 65mm
Material pottery
Composition 1 porcelain wine bottle, 2 cups
Price KRW 100,000
A 100% handmade porcelain set sculpted with a spinning wheel and completed with the inlay technique. Cranes and clouds, both traditional celadon features, are used to decorate the bottle and cups with a modern style. Its simple yet elegant design adds a traditional touch to the contemporary interior.

Lacquered Melon-shaped Bottle Tray

Material wood, natural mother-of-pearl
Composition 1 Tray, Package
Price KRW 100,000
The lacquered wooden tray is made of solid wood and borrows a motif from the national treasure ‘Celadon Melonshaped Bottle with Inlaid Peony and Chrysanthemum Design’. The wood was trimmed multiple times, painted and celadon colored mother-of-pearl was added to create a melon-shaped bottle. It is the ideal gift for the sentimental and elegant in taste.